Skanky SkankySeeing Toddla T at the Big Chill was one of the things that inspired me to get into DJing in the first place – dancing in a field full of smiling faces, feeling those ridiculous basslines… it was perfect. Bought quickly after, Toddla’s debut album didn’t disappoint. Filled with sped up dancehall and heavy bass it’s shameless party music. As the man himself said: “It’s gotta be a laugh. Otherwise, what’s the point? I might as well work in a bank.”

If you like this, check out his Fabric mix too, it’s also excellent. Roll on the new album on Ninja Tune!

Spotify Link: Toddla T – Skanky Skanky

Jul 4 2010

Big Chill Chunes

Big Chill Festival 2010The Big Chill is my favourite festival, it always has a great mix of eclectic music and the perfect chilled summer vibe. So, I’ve created a Spotify playlist featuring tracks from this year’s lineup. If you’re going to the Chill or just want to discover something new, you can subscribe to it here:

Big Chill Chunes (stick it on shuffle!)

Alternatively, I’ve created a event for the festival where you can play a radio station of the more leftfield artists who are playing. Follow the link below and click on ‘Play Festival Radio’:

Big Chill Radio

Bongo Rock

I discovered this album while tracking down the original funk songs sampled by hip hop artists. I immediately fell in love with this compilation of tracks from the Incredible Bongo Band’s only two albums. Yeah its kitsch, tongue in cheek and deliberately a bit cheesy, but it’s also great fun… The Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, Sir-Mix-A-Lot and Norman Cook knew the score!

I’ll take any excuse to drop the opening track, Apache, into a set and it’s mandatory for funk gigs. Frankly, you know when you find an outfit called “The Incredible Bongo Band” that they’re going to be great, and this album contains some awesome percussion. If you’re even slightly into the history of hip hop, funk or breaks then get this now. I challenge you to play this album and not smile!

Jul 4 2010


I’m spending a lot of time on trains and tubes right now, so I’ve decided to be productive and spend this time writing album / single / gig reviews. I’m only going to write about stuff I like, so it’ll give you a chance to see the sort of music I’m into and perhaps discover a few new things you’ll like :-)