Mum look… a Gorilla!

On Sunday morning I took part in the Great Gorilla run, a 7k race around London in aid of the Gorilla Organization, a charity which works to save the world’s last remaining gorillas from extinction. But there’s a twist… all 700 people competing wore a gorilla costume. It was a great event and worth the price of entry alone to see the terrified looks on tourist’s faces when I burst around street corners screaming! I can run 10k in close to 40 minutes, so wasn’t expecting a 7k to be too difficult, even in a hairy sack. However I was very wrong – it was really physically punishing and I came in at 44 minutes drenched in sweat. The effort was worth it however; I was really chuffed to find I’d finished in the top 10! A huge thanks to everyone who sponsored me!

Mix Master motivation...Here I am listening to some motivational tunes.

Tourists beware!

Look mum... a Gorilla!

You have to admit, I’m looking pretty sexy in this shot.

I even made it onto the news! 23 seconds into this video you can see me about to cross the finish line.

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