Album Review – Soul Explosion, The Daktaris

daktaris_soul_explosionThe Daktaris are a fantastic afrobeat band I discovered through Their only album, Soul Explosion, was recorded in 1998, but packaged to resemble a long lost afrobeat gem from the 70′s. ‘Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti’ gives the game away: backwards it reads ‘It is all a big hustle’. The band were actually The Soul Providers, the Desco label’s house band, who had assumed Nigerian aliases for the ruse. The quality of the music shines above all this tomfoolery: trance-inducing rhythms, chanted vocals and really, really funky guitar. The band are tight, the percussion is excellent, and what really comes across is simply the sound of a band having fun in the studio. The joke authenticity of the cover and band name is understandable; this music could have easily come from Fela’s land and time. Several members of the band went on to form the superb Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, who are also well worth checking out.

Spotify Link: Daktaris – Soul Explosion

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