Album Review – Press On, Lack of Afro

PressOnCoverListening to Press On, you’d be forgiven for believing it was recorded by a tight funk band carrying a torch for the classic 70′s tradition. Lack of Afro actually is whiteboy Adam Gibbons, a producer and multi-instrumentalist one man band, hence the in-joke alias. He builds his tracks around samples of old soul bands, adding his own funky drums, guitar and horns to the mix. There’s a dash of RJD2, a hint of Quantic, and more than just a sprinkling of DJ Shadow to the stew, but the music is differentiated by Adam’s percussive hard funk sound which is catchy as hell. ”The Outsider” samples the legendary James Brown and is driven by soaring horns. “Rusty” features an awesome drum beat and samples Flava Flav. The uber-happy “Touch My Soul” never fails to raise a smile, while “Pure Filth”, driven by dirty, funky guitar bypasses your brain and goes straight for your feet. The album is topped off with an incendiary instrumental reworking of The Arctic Monkeys’ “When The Sun Goes Down”, with added flute! One of the most dance floor friendly albums of the modern funk scene, highly recommended.

Spotify Link: Lack Of Afro – Press On

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