Album Review – /\/\/\Y/\, M.I.A.

MAYAI’ve read a few articles recently criticising M.I.A. for contradictory and naive lyrics. Whether true or not, this doesn’t spoil my enjoyment of /\/\/\Y/\ as I subscribe to the Simon Reynolds school of thought that pop music isn’t poetry and that lyrics shouldn’t be dissected too much. Does anyone think The Clash’s debut album would have been better if Joe and Mick has sat around reading the Conservative party manifesto in detail instead of learning another chord and shouting “Repression!”? I deliberately draw the comparison with punk, as although /\/\/\Y/\ contains a couple of slices of pure pop in the catchy ‘XXXO’ and ‘It Takes A Muscle’, for the most part the album is abrasive and intense. ‘Born Free’ samples Suicide and has an intro reminiscent of ‘Mr Self Destruct’ by Nine Inch Nails. In fact there are a quite few industrial moments, Rusko producing 5 of the most atonal and bass heavy tracks, including ‘Steppin Up’ which is sprinkled with the sounds of drills. So as should be expected from M.I.A. by now the album is a thrilling pick ‘n’ mix of hip hop, dancehall, dubstep, dance and punk. Although I didn’t expect to discover Maya is a fan of the brothers Gallagher – sample lyrics: “Standing at the station, in need of education” and “I would drink alcohol with the words to Wonderwall”!

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  1. m.i.a. gon be goin ALL OUT on dat new track XXXO. da songwriting iz fierce but the music video ain’t that fab…

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